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Sweet potato with fresh cheese

Super fast fresh cheese sweet potato recipe Preparation 10 minutes / for 2 people Ingredients : 1 large sweet potato (or 2 small) 1 pinch of garlic 2 tablespoons of 0% cottage cheese 1 tablespoon of cream cheese 1 teaspoon of parsley 2 tablespoon of sheep cheese 1/2 red ...

Vegetarian sweet potato wrap

Vegetarian sweet potato wrap recipe For 4 wraps (well garnished) Ingredients For the wraps: 2 medium sweet potatoes A small salad (preferably lettuce heart) 3 carrots 1/4 red cabbage 4 corn tortilla For seasoning, it is possible to add coriander and thin strips of red onions ...

Gluten free pie crust

Gluten-free shortcrust pastry recipe Preparation: 10 minutes / 6 people (one tart) Ingredient: 100 g lupine flour 100 g buckwheat flour 50 g of tiger nut flour 50 g freshly ground flax seeds 1 pinch of salt 125 g coconut oil 200 ml of water Option: seeds, aromatic ...

Hake with chorizo, beans and spinach

Hake fillet with chorizo ​​sauce, white beans and spinach recipe Ingredients: 2 150g skinless hake fillets 100g raw chorizo 1 onion 300g fresh spinach 1 tsp smoked paprika 400g white beans juice ½ lemon olive oil Preperation : Preheat your oven to 180 ° C ...

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